Windows 7 OS does not boot after Norton Life Lock update

Norton Life Lock request a reboot.
Probably to install some update?

After reboot the OS (Windows 7) does not boot at all.
It always start the Windows's program for problem
detection and resolution (which as usual can not
find and resolve anything).

This means that initial boot works normally,
but then Windows considers itself as damaged
and does not start normally.


Accepted Solution
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Re: Windows 7 OS does not boot after Norton Life Lock update

I think this is the solution to your immediate problem. Start your computer and hold down or tap F8 as it begins to start.

That should take you to the boot menu. From there you can use the down arrow to go to "Last Known Good Configuration (advanced)". Press enter and I hope that works for you.

Once your computer starts up use the uninstall tool from the Norton site to remove your corrupted Norton installation.

The problem I have not solved is how to reinstall Norton. If you can download the KB4474419 Microsoft security patch you are okay, otherwise I don't know how to reinstall Norton.

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