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This forum thread needs a solution.

windows command prompt running

after starting chrome, I noticed that windows command prompt remains running in the background.

for security reasons, I would prefer to terminate it. 

Is that okay?



Re: windows command prompt running

Hi shmu26,

The forum is for the product of Norton Family, a parental control program.  Is the command prompt from Norton Family?  If so, can you please send me a screen shot of the command prompt screen by private message?  You can send a private message via the forum by clicking Inbox at upper right hand corner.

Instructions to post screenshots can be found here




Thanks Katie

Re: windows command prompt running

thanks for your answer.

I don't see cmd.exe running on desktop, I only see it in task manager.

I could PM you a screenshot of task manager, but you would not be able to see from it why cmd.exe is running.

This command line string will probably be a lot more helpful to you, I copied it from a program that logs executions on the system:

C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c "C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton Family\Engine\\coNatHstNF.exe" chrome-extension://napjheenlliimoedooldaalpjfidlidp/ --parent-window=0 < \\.\pipe\chrome.nativeMessaging.in.c7742736b6507c43 > \\.\pipe\chrome.nativeMessaging.out.c7742736b6507c43

every time after this command line runs, I see cmd.exe running in task manager (but I don't see it on desktop, because the window is =0)


Re: windows command prompt running


We have sent you a private message. 

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