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windows defender on?

I have a laptop running Windows 10 and use Norton Internet Security v

As I noted in a previous post, some how my Norton said I was out of my trial time, even though I had a purchased product

since Sept 2016. Anyway, that resolved. But during the time my system erroneously indicated that I didn't have Norton coverage, a message popped up saying windows defender was on. How can I check and make sure that is NOT the case? I know on my Vista laptop I can go to check the security status and see what antivirus I have and which ones are active and not active. But on the windows 10 it only shows me which firewall options I have. It does indicate that antivirus is Norton, but it doesn't show me windows defender ( If it did I could easily see if it was off)

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Re: windows defender on?

I think what I was trying to say is that when I go to control panel. security and maintenance-

under network firewall it will how that Norton is my firewall and allow me to see what other firewall programs are OFF

but under virus protection it shows Norton is my virus protection but DOES NOT show me other programs like windows defender.

in Vista I could see that defender was off. But with windows 10 how do I see that windows defender is off? Is it located somewhere else?

Mind you I DONT want it on, I want to make sure its off and only Norton is my protection



Re: windows defender on?

Windows Defender info can be found using Windows 10 settings. Click on WIndows settings (toothed wheel) in your taskbar. Now go to Update & Security. Second one down is Windows Defender and that should be off. To find your firewall settings you can click on the Cortana search and type in "firewall". The security and maintenance is still there under 10. Right click on the start button and go into control panel. Find security and maintenance. Everything you posted can easily be found in the Windows 10 user guide or by simply Googling it. Hope this helps. 


Re: windows defender on?


1. Windows Defender will be turned off once your NIS and/or other Norton product is installed.

To view the Windows Defender's status, simply input Windows Defender in the Search box, and choose "Windows Defender Settings".

And, your NIS will also take care of Windows Firewall.

To check the overall security status, plz head to this path Control Panel\System and Security\Security and Maintenance when you open Control Panel:

Thx. :)

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