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This forum thread needs a solution.

Windows Defender Red Icon + Disk Optimization Issues

First Issue

My Windows 10 OS just updated a couple of days ago. Everything looked normal until I had to restart my PC. This is what my Windows Defender icon and interface showed afterwards.

The two items that are "Getting protection info..." eventually shows green check marks after 5-7 minutes of waiting, but the Windows Defender icon in the item tray still shows a red x. I cannot seem to find a solution to this on the forum.

Second Issue

Running disk optimizations does not appear to work properly anymore as seen

Any help is appreciated.



Re: Windows Defender Red Icon + Disk Optimization Issues


Have you turned Fast Startup on? If you had it on previously, the update turned it back on. Have you restarted your computer a few times since you received the Windows update?  A large update with all the changes needs a few restarts so that everything can settle in the computer. You can try Windows Update

Is the Windows Defender Icon referring to the actual security program?  The Windows Defender program should only be used if your Norton program does not start , You should not be running 2 live Security programs at the same time.

Others in the Community can respond also.

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Re: Windows Defender Red Icon + Disk Optimization Issues

Fast startup was turned off after the Windows update.

Computer was restarted numerous times afterwards to see if the issues would go away--they didn't.

I also am not running both Defender and NIS at the same time. Norton Internet Security is handling all the settings like always. The one thing I noticed different is that I can decide whether to turn on/off Windows Defender Firewall via the Defender center now. On my other device, it displays that NIS is managing it and does not have the on/off slider. 

I initially turned off Windows Defender Firewall (for private and public networks) via the option seen in the image above. The thought was that those could've been the issue. They've been turned back on due to the issue not being solved and both were initially on.

Current Windows Firewall settings (same as my other device which does not have the Windows update applied):

Other users such as remosh and mulligan seem to have this issue as well as seen in the following:




Re: Windows Defender Red Icon + Disk Optimization Issues

My apologies, I did not realize deleting the uploaded pictures from the host site would also delete the image on the posts as well. If a moderator can edit these pictures in with the order addressed and delete this post, it would be greatly appreciated.

The two pictures of the original post in order:

The three pictures in my second post in order:

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