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Windows Explorer Crashes after installing Norton Security

For YEARS I had to avoid using Norton Internet Security and most recently Norton Security because after installation on my WinXp PC's, when I would open Windows Explorer then right-mouse on a file or folder (to use the application menu) the Windows Explorer locked up/crashed, etc requiring CTRL-ALT-DELETE to kill the Windows Explorer process. I'll bet this issue occurs with installation of every such Symantec/Norton product only in WinXp PC's.  It does NOT happen in my Win7 PC.  BTW: same experience with McAfee Anti-Virus that I did not want to use.  Ironically, it does not happen with AVG.

Eventually, I had to get rid of AVG, install NS and solve the Windows crash.  Solved it by following Directions on this link: http://searchenterprisedesktop.techtarget.com/blog/Windows-Enterprise-De....

Essentially, there is a 3rd party application that causes the crash. Small application SHELLEXVIEW (does not install in you PC) allows you to view all applications that run from Windows Explorer right-mouse allowing you to disable one at time.  You test for the crash.  You will find the culprit and simply leave that application disabled.  No hardship!

I am amazed that this was never posted directly by Symantec as I first tried NIS on my WinXp PC years ago and could only learn about this solution from a Google search.


Thanks, Ira