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This forum thread needs a solution.

Windows sleep and Norton Security

 Norton security version, windows 10, HP laptop. Usage graph does not function after wake from sleep or hibernation. I have read about many issues regarding sleep and hibernation with NS . I also have the none sleep problem. It's comforting to hear a reason like "the engine needs a complete overhaul". When will this happen?? Probably not in my lifetime.  It's been broken for to long. Just now I went to find what version I have, and found that the events graph is also blank.

My last support contact had not a clue as to this bug. You would think that Norton would have notified users of the problem and offered a work around and projected date of fix. for now I won't sleep or hibernate.

I found a small program that will instantly turn off the screen of my laptop screen, thereby saving power. It might be useful for others .  ScreenOff 2.1.exe  Enjoy.



Re: Windows sleep and Norton Security

There is a new version of Norton Security,, being released in a phased manner. Just keep running LiveUpdate until you get the new version.

Others have posted here that the graphs are now working properly for them. 

Let us know when you get the new version if it helps with your issues.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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