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This forum thread needs a solution.

Windows XP

We have some legacy Windows XP Pro SP3 systems that cannot be upgraded to a newer OS.

Is there a Norton Antivirus product that currently supports Windows XP?




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Re: Windows XP

All of the current Norton AV products support  XP SP3 - provided the system is SSE2 compatible.  New versions of Norton software are no longer compatible with machines that lack support for the SSE2 CPU instruction. If your computer is less than 10 years old, it is most likely that it supports SSE2.

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Re: Windows XP

Easy way I check for SSE2 (etc) compatibility is to download and run the free Piriform Speccy utility. It's a wonderful tool for getting full technical details about your hardware. And you can copy paste from the displayed information.

Here's that information extracted from the report on my current machine:



Instructions MMX (+), 3DNow! (+), SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4A, AMD 64, NX, VMX



Re: Windows XP


Problem is always that old Computers have no updated SSE2 instruction. In that case I use older NIS installers with a new license number from newer NS-product.

I have also various new 2 years old computers running normal XP-Pro SP3 and also WIN7 Pro with Virtual XP-Pro SP3. These “new” computers have all the new SSE instruction and the NIS 2015 running well on WIN7 Pro and XP-Pro SP2. (In 2015: Old NIS 2014 installer with new NIS 2015 license number.)

In 2016 we have NS-Deluxe. This product is running well on WIN7 Pro, but not with (virtual) XP-Pro SP3. Also if the PC have the updated  SSE instructions.

My solution was the following:

I have installed on XP-Pro SP3  Computers my old 2015 NIS.exe (version 21.6.032-GE) (GE is for Germany – perhaps your version is marked with US).

During the Installation/updates Norton ask you for a license number. I have take one of my free NS-Deluxe 2016  license numbers for the NIS 2015 installation. The license number will be accepted. After this installation you will  get 5 – 6 updates – always with restarts of the PC – and if everything is finished, you will have a NIS 2016 version on your XP-Pro7 SP3 computer. The current version of NIS 2016 is

If you are running a Norton account for example with a 5-License-NS-Version,  counting is less pro XP-Pro SP3 installation. Therefore you will see the NIS Installation in your account for every XP-Pro SP3  PC.

My Norton Internet Security 2016 is running on all XP-Pro SP3 PCs without any problems.


Re: Windows XP

Please note that a. m. “solution” is not save, because NIS include security risks and cannot be updated. See also:


Sorry, but I found this information later.

I have stopped all my Windows XP-Pro PCs with NIS 21.7.011 for security reasons. NIS is not the only risk on such old Systems.

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