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This forum thread needs a solution.

Windows XP/NAV 2005 with 2018 Renewal, etc.

Hi all....

As a preface, I HAVE read the newest info re: WXP and Vista an NAV changes/end of support. With that in mind, I put my question to the best minds in the Norton Community :)......

In addition to my newer computers (which have Norton 360 subscriptions, etc.), I have my 2004 WXP with the default 2005 NAV. The WXP shows the NAV Renewal date of 11.19.2018. The Live Update is the contingency hiccup for the rest of the program to run with the most current values. I know I have an antiquated system in some circles, but want to provide some type of Norton protection.....is there any type of software upgrade I can download that's compatible with my WXP, considering the 11.2018 renewal AND I have a subscription for my other products. 

Hope that all makes sense and thanks for any/all feedback!



Re: Windows XP/NAV 2005 with 2018 Renewal, etc.

NAV 2005 is no longer supported.  All current Norton security products are compatible with XP, although they are now in what is called "maintenance mode."  If you have any open seats on your Norton 360 subscription, you can install that.  Otherwise, you will probably have to purchase a newer version for your XP machine.  I don't think NAV 2005 was ever eligible for a free upgrade, but you can check here:


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