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wont fix sonar protection

I have just put Norton by Symantec Security Deluxe on to my PC & it went on fine but then when it went to do a fix (the SONAR protection) & it just wont fix it. I have tried to run the fix 8-10 times & it just wont do it so if anyone out there knows how to HELP please let me know. Thanks paul



Re: wont fix sonar protection

Hello Paul

What was your previous security program? Was it thoroughly removed using  the Removal Tool from that other vendor and then restart your computer before installing? You need to use a Windows Administrator Account in order to change any settings. Have you restarted your computer? Did you have any malware on your computer before you installed your Norton program?

You can try the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool which will give you a fresh install. Please read the first paragraph and please run Live Update and restart as requested. Continue to do this until no more updates are available. You should have version Please go over the settings and let the program do it's background work  while idle..


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