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Wordpress Site Verification

Hi Norton Team,

I am trying to verify my website, https://www.vlodlaw.com. My site runs on Wordpress, so I was not able to follow the site verification instructions. Is there any way that Norton can manually verify ownership of my site? https://www.vlodlaw.com

Here is the meta tag:

<meta name="norton-safeweb-site-verification" content="8fn-3evapelzu4hzuo50j1kg5hkmw4smd2i5lvhlssi17ey33y40uuolu531qs3n3m5ymw-qcjm40w-m0-w766l10mrli-hd69ecbptny2arb-s71bdhhl9hn-acvnkz" />

Thank you!



Accepted Solution

Re: Wordpress Site Verification

Never mind, I was able to add the meta tag using a Wordpress plugin.

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