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Wordpress.com, domain-wide approvals

Hi: we've been using the product for a couple of days for our 6 and 9 year old kids. Our 9 year old has a Wordpress blog that constantly gets blocked when he tried to login. I approve the internal domain that logs in through SSL, s0.wp.com, before redirecting, It fails to login. I see that this time it's s1.wp.com that's blocked. I tried to authorize the entire category, it still fails. Next 10 minutes I see that the stats area prevents from logging in: s.stats.wordpress.com. And so on... 

It's driving us crazy. How do I make the rules not impossibly strict? 



Re: Wordpress.com, domain-wide approvals

The simplest way would be to allow the "Social Networking" category which is what Wordpress maps to.

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