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Hi I'm new on here so please be patient ....I'm concerned about a friend who pays yearly for Norton protection, Unknown to myself she had a virus so Google a telephone number for Norton she rang and got thru to guru aid, they seemed to be good on the phone logged into her computer,saw the virus , well to cut a long story short they wanted to sell her 3 years protection but she only took a 1 year one £152 . Took 2 hours to sort her problem out but since then her pic has slowed up and freezes now and then . my concern as I'm PCs brain dead are these people genuine why if she pays Norton yearly did she have to pay to have a problem sorted . Hope there's someone out there that understands wht I'm on about . :-) ty 

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Re: Worried

Guru Aid is not affiliated with Norton or Symantec.  It is a private tech support company that advertises that it offers third-party support for many different software products.  It has a less-than-stellar reputation.  Norton provides free support for their products here:



Re: Worried

Hello Jane

I would suggest that your friend get her computer checked out to see what it was she bought from them and to see if her computer is still infected. Did she have a Norton product in her computer before she bought something which she thought was from Norton  but was Guru-Aid?


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