This forum thread needs a solution.
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This is the worst update---is this a pre-alpha release?

I have sent 10 messages to support.

This update SUCKS!

Firewall rule-edit---shoots back to the top, have to scroll down AGAIN to select fw rule, then edit AGAIN.

Then go to computer-select an IP range or adress? AND HAHA-- Delete ??? NO...can no longer even select an ip or range.

Support has NO IDEA and I suggested they just send my chats to dev. If people do not know what I am writing about, then you do not use these functions. This happens on all of my computers. It is the update.

AND VPN??????????????????????????????????? what the hell is wrong with this update?

I am going to have to uninstall it on all of my computers...because it is NOT USEABLE and I have spent HOURS HOURS HOURS just waiting for it hanging over and over again. IT WAS FINE ON ALL COMPUTERS BEFORE THIS CRAPPY UPDATE...with these stupid new buttons and THE TEXT IS NOT EVEN CENTERED! This is just irresponsibility.

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