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This forum thread needs a solution.

Wrong Control Panel for NS 2015

My NIS 2013 subscription needed renewing so I purchased an NS 2015 key card and used the "renew subscription key number box" on the NIS 2013 Control Panel to fill in the key card serial number. NS 2015 was registered in my Norton Account & installed ok with the correct amount of days but instead of the NS 2015 Control Panel with extras I still have the NIS 2013 panel. How do I get the NS 2015 panel?

Will I have to uninstall NS 2015 with the Norton Removal Tool and then reinstall it or is there another method.

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Re: Wrong Control Panel for NS 2015

You can't activate NIS with a NS key.

What do you mean "Control Panel"?

Do you have NIS or NS installed?  Support / Help > About will show the version number.  If it starts with 20 or 21 it is NIS.  If it starts with 22 that is NS.

If NIS...

You will need to download a copy of NS and install it.  NS can be installed straight over NIS, but if you use Identity Safe you may want to export a copy of it to somewhere safe before you begin.

You can download NS from www.norton.com/latestns .  You will need your Product Key for NS so make sure you have it handy.  Remember to run Live Update, rebooting where required, until no more updates are available.

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Re: Wrong Control Panel for NS 2015

Are you talking about your earlier post?

That is Norton Management.  You are clicking on the wrong trash can icon.  The top one should remove NIS from Norton Management.

To have NS show you need to open NS and go to Settings > Administrative Settings > Remote Management > On > Apply.

I hope that helps.

Windows 10 x64 1909

Re: Wrong Control Panel for NS 2015

Hi Krusty13,

Sorry for the garbled descriptions but the panel I referred to was the panel displayed when either NIS or NS are opened giving options of scans, windows updates etc.

With your help I confirmed I had NIS installed not NS and following your instructions using www.norton.com/latestns NIS was uninstalled and NS installed. I didn't have to put a Product key in as I had already keyed this in from my previous action. Norton informed me I had an existing active key and gave me a choice of using it.

Thanks again for your swift response and clear instructions. Regarding your other post the waste basket problem no longer exists.


Re: Wrong Control Panel for NS 2015

That's great to hear, Gordanski !

Thanks for letting us know. 

Windows 10 x64 1909
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Re: Wrong Control Panel for NS 2015

I find this is a very interesting thread...

If I'm understanding the OP's initial post correctly, they were permitted to enter a current NS key into the NIS subscription renewal/new-key dialog and it accepted and successfully activated as a new NIS subscription - Granted however, this did not achieve the OP's hoped-for result, their having instead assumed that it would upgrade their existing NIS installation to NS while at the same time activating that NS upgrade with the newly entered key's licensing period...

Thanks to Krusty's assistance, the OP was able to readily resolve this - though I'd love to know what the Norton Management site is now reporting for their Seats consumption on the utilized NS product key...


Is it now possible that NS keys can be used to instate a new licensing period on an expiring/expired NIS installation?

Purely supposition on my part...

If this is in fact so, perhaps this is a (for now, temporary?) concession, licensing-wise, workaround for the yet unresolved NS issues such as the iTunes/iProduct USB eject failure?

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