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Wrong security icon on my Website (gray ?)

I recently installed a new SSL certificate on my website, www.mchmedical.com. I uninstalled the old certificate that was due to expire the next day.  The new certificate is active, because for the cart it has HTTPS://mchmedical.com.  However, there is a gray? rather than green circle with a check mark net to my website.  Do a search using "Alpha-Stim" on Google and you will see my store MCH Medical on the Google store.

Please pass this on to the correct person(s) if you do not know how to fix the problem.  Thanks you.


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Re: Wrong security icon on my Website (gray ?)

Hello FNICHOLSHI2 and welcome.

I am showing that your site has been rated safe (green) by Norton Safe Web:


However, your secure cart link (https) is producing a full page block and certificate warning in IE8 & 9, FF 12 and Chrome.  That indicates a problem with your certificate and does not involve Norton.

We cannot help with the SSL Certificate issue.


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