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Xbox App Moderate and Teredo

I have been trying to play games from the Xbox App but it wont connect or find a game. I have been trying CMD commands and also opened ports but this did not work. I have then been looking within Norton Internet Securitys Firewall and noticed that Norton is blocking the Ports required by teredo by default https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ECFWXMpW4AElEMd?format=jpg Disabled the Smart firewall or Rule does give me an Open Nat and Online work again.


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Re: Xbox App Moderate and Teredo

You should not need to add any programs manually. Especially ones that come with Windows. 

I would suggest resetting the Norton Firewall to get a fresh start. You need to logged into Windows with an admin user account to do this. To reset the Norton firewall, from the main Norton Security screen click on Settings - Firewall. On the General tab, click on Reset beside Firewall Reset. Restart your computer. As you use programs that access your network/internet, the firewall rules will be created again.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Xbox App Moderate and Teredo

Hello Peterweb I have Reset the firewall and still getting a Moderate Nat Typen within the Xbox App. Disable Smart Firewall make the Nat Type Open. Disabling the Default Windows RPC Firewall Rule also results in an Open Nat Both Xbox Companion and Xbox Beta App are added in to the software Expetions.