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This forum thread needs a solution.

Xfinity Master Installer Norton Threat

Long story short I was able to download the Comcast NSS download from a very helpful person at Norton because comcast has a new .exe called xfinity-master-installer_1.0.0.11 and it would not allow me to install norton. Once I installed norton it detected that the xfinity master installer was a threat since the file was released last week. Has anyone else ran into this problem? the person I spoke with at Norton said he got a few calls in reference to this issue.


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Re: Xfinity Master Installer Norton Threat

Hi John S 12,

I had a post I was composing until this stupid forum wiped out the post which happens from time to time when trying to  @mention an admin.  Anyway, thanks for the headsup,  and I think I know what is going  on, but it'll probably take awhile until the info filters down to the level of us users who need the info.  I believe this is what is going to fix the NSS not activating and the inability to free up a license for an additional install - both part of the Win 10 update fiasco.



Re: Xfinity Master Installer Norton Threat

Thanks for the response. I figured as much.

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