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Xfinity Norton Security Suite Backups

I have been a Norton customer for years due to my being a Comcast customer too.  I have endured the worst experience of my computing life over the past 3 weeks.  My computer crashed and needed to have Windows 10 reinstalled, I felt very comfortable because I knew I had a Norton backup which ran every night.  Well I was wrong, in 3 weeks of talking with Norton Customer Service, Level 1 technology support and then Level 2 technology support I have been unable to get a good restore done.  

I can't tell you how many times I was told I would get a call back within 24 hours.  During almost daily calling over the past 3 weeks I only got 2 call backs.  I also would be told on Thursdays and Fridays I would get a call back from Technical Support by regular Customer Support and then when I didn't, I would call and then be told they DON'T WORK on Saturday and Sunday.  Duh!! Until yesterday they couldn't even get the Backup to restore to a temp master folder with all the sub-folders for the backup.  Then a good guy, Vimal in Level 2 Technical support called me back as promised and he was able to get the restore to run.  

Only problem is the restore I got was only 5.87GB and the backup file was was over 243GB.  In talking with Vimal yesterday we decided to restore to a temporary directory instead of a restore to the old locations.  Thank heavens that's what we did.  I went into the temporary backup directories and couldn't find one file over 750kb.  I don't know about you, but the most critical file I wanted to restore was my Outlook data file.  It was pretty big so given the above I still have not gotten it back.  Then I had some very critical Excel files in the Desktop directory and didn't get those back because they were over 1mb.

I warn you DO NOT trust Norton Backup and when you do have problems and they are needed for critical backup or restore problems, ask for Vimal in Level 2, but he can't fix a product that doesn't work.  I have spent many hours working with Norton support, they don't speak very good English (Vimal speaks great English) and getting them to call back is almost impossible.  I spent years in the computer industry and this is the WORST support I have ever seen, except for Vimal. I could live with the terrible support if the product worked, but bad support and a product that doesn't work, taking 3 weeks to finally learn it doesn't work has been very traumatic to me.  I am a combat Veteran with PTSD so this has been very difficult for me.  

I have a very high speed computer with a 256gb ssd drive and a 750gb mechanical hard drive.  I don't know if this had anything to do with it, but it should have detected the 2 drives and indicated if Norton wouldn't support backups on this kind of configuration.  Needless to say most people are going to this kind of configuration.

I am going to call Norton Support one more time and I am going to try and run the restore one more time over the existing temporary restore directory.  I know all of you have files you want to backup that are over 1mb, my Outlook file was probably 7gb or more.  

I have been getting offers from AT&T for internet service and I am thinking of leaving Comcast after 28 years because I guess I can't trust them either???   I have over 2,000 Facebook Friends and over 2.8 Million views of my videos on YouTube.  I am going to make a video of my problems and post it and make sure all my followers see it.  I don't want others to endure the nightmare I have.  I also have tools that will get my videos to rank very high on Google using the right keywords.

Would love to hear from anyone that has had the same problems and find out what you did. Maybe you haven't had a computer crash to find out the bad news?I guess if you stopped using Norton Backup you won't be watching these Forums any longer?