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"You Are At Risk"

Hi all,

So recently I encountered this error with Norton that said my system was at risk, and running a quick scan did nothing, despite no threats being found. I looked around here and found advice to run LiveUpdate, but I got an error and "norton web protection definitions (critical)" failed to update. This all occurred after a restart, after my laptop froze and I had to manually turn it off by hitting the power button. So I looked around a little more and found something about disabling fast startup. I did so, restarted, and now Norton is no longer red and will update correctly. I've done a quick scan and it still seems fine, but for my own peace of mind, did I miss any key steps here, and is it likely that I could have some kind of malware, or was it a harmless error caused by fast startup that is now fixed?




Re: "You Are At Risk"

Hi 2-304859

I'd say you found the reason for your "You are at Risk" - and failed Live Update - as you can see from the following link, disabling Fast Startup permits updates to be correctly applied.


Sounds like you are up and running and do not have any malware. 


Re: "You Are At Risk"

Thanks yank. The only reason I was slightly concerned was because Norton wasn't explicitly saying it needed updating when I had the error, and I had run a scan yesterday, but I feel it would have detected something after I'd run LiveUpdate if there was actually a problem.

Thanks again for the reassurance.


Re: "You Are At Risk"


Maybe, you met that critical error when some of Norton services were down.

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And, to get the most of Norton SONAR, you may scan your Windows in Safe Mode.


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Re: "You Are At Risk"

As a starting point for all the "can not connect/log-in" type of situations, you should be looking exactly where floplot suggested in the threads referenced above. 


FWIW - I have a desktop shortcut set up for it so I can quickly check it.

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