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You Created Firewall Rules

My windows 7 machine has been getting crushed for the past hour with messages being generated in my Norton security log such as: "You created firewall rules to manage how System accesses your network resources" and "You allowed System to access your network resources".  All of this is happening in the background.  I'm not doing anything at all. Last windows update was two weeks ago.  Has something unholy gotten hold of my machine?



Re: You Created Firewall Rules

Hello RobertJohnM

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These log messages are all normal. Norton records just about everything that your computer does whether you do it or the computer does it on it's own. These logs are only used really for diagnosing a problem and not to cause a problem. There is nothing to worry about. If your Norton Logo has the green checkmark on it, then all is ok. There are always back ground activities going on especially if you have just installed the Norton product. Some of the Windows updates may not have been used until now, so it is recorded now.

I hope that this response has calmed you down and all is ok. Please come back if you have any more questions. Please mark the thread as solved, if your question is solved. Thanks.

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Re: You Created Firewall Rules

Hi, you can also go into Settings and disable any notifications you don't want/need.

Information can still be found in History.

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