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is your side or my side what is wrong? part 2 post it before july 5

I notice every time i change my modem settings provide by ISP (Telmex) to have only Ipv4 diagnostic insight work fine but just change to use Ipv4+Ipv6 norton say diagnostic can't conect to internet, the updates work fine in both options only Ipv4 or Ipv4+Ipv6.

peterweb. answer my post in july 5 Have you checked that your ISP is supporting IPv6? This protocol is being phased in over the world, and not all ISPs fully support it yet.

My answer, yes i checked my modem say i have ipv6 google say have ipv6 and whats my ip pages say i have ipv6 but still insightt exam fail to conect to norton server and cant do the diagnostic but updates works.



Re: is your side or my side what is wrong? part 2 post it before july 5

Arkangel. Peterweb is correct in his assessment of your issue. HERE is the official listing of Norton products which DO support IPv6 protocols.

My ISP is Verizon, on the Verizon device, IPv6 is "DISABLED" as it should be due to Verizon having not implemented it across ALL the geologic areas being services. I have to use the ISP device for TV and VOIP services to function, AND DHCP remains enabled on that device. I also have Norton Core setup in a NAT-NAT scenario where Core obtains its internet connection from the Verizon device.  ALL my internet connected devices are connected on the Core router both wireless and ethernet. The Verizon device shows TCPV6 vice IPv6 while running any insight scans. It never calls for nor uses IPv6 as it is disabled. Insight functions perfectly on all my machines.

If you are changing your DNS values when you change your router settings TelMex is most likely the culprit as they are noted for forcing clients to use THEIR DNS settings. Contact them in that regard as it will have nothing to do with Norton whatsoever.


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