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I noticed that this Topic (or subject title) has been raised by another user/parent in May 2021 and the closing of the case was that it will be followed up by your product management team. I wonder if there is already a solution after almost three months since this topic was raised. Also I wonder if there is any possibility that the restricted websites that are set in the house rules either during school time or outside of school time can be more extensive. That is, we can put a longer link address and not just a web address that encompasses the whole domain. (e.g. the current set up only allows restriction of, what is preferred is to have the capability of setting or more precise blocking).

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Accepted Solution

Re: YouTube preview not blocked

Hi @Kim Poon,

Welcome to Norton Family!

Thanks for getting back on this.

We don't monitor the video previews yet. We will update the product management team on this request again.

Currently the website restrictions are based on domain level only and not full address.



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