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This forum thread needs a solution.

I uninstalled Norton to reinstall it, big mistake.

Hello everyone,

So basically I uninstalled Norton via CCleaner, after the uninstallation & a reboot, my computer start with an error message from ATI saying that the graphic card's drivers are basically messed up.
 When I want to check my catalyst control center, I noticed it dissapeared !

Of course I wanted to reinstall it, so I went to a site to check my drivers (http://www.touslesdrivers.com/?v_page=29, basically it's like driver sweeper) so I can download them. After the check was done, I noticed that apparently my computer is composed of my CPU, Motherboard and a hardrive...

I wanted to check my GPU temp with speedfan, my GPU is not recognize, anyway, I went to AMD drivers site, they told me to install a detect tool so I can get the last drivers, and, without surprise, no GC recognized, nevertheless, I grabbed the AMD Catalyst 14.9, and still, the drivers failed to install (I did a clean uninstallation of the previous one)

After some research, people are saying that it might come from a plug & play error, but it wasn't the case.

So yes, basically uninstalling norton just screwed my computer, I can't control my GC, I'm scarred of opening sony vegas to render a video now :/

And of course, I did norton, it's still the same

Also, fun part : even without drivers I'm still in 1080p

Sorry for any mistakes & thank you in advance.



Re: I uninstalled Norton to reinstall it, big mistake.

" So basically I uninstalled Norton via CCleaner"

Lesson No 1.  Do not be a CCleaner (ab)user, especially when it comes to uninstall Norton, it has it's own uninstaller.

I do not think that your issues are Norton related but most likely CCleaner related, especially if you had checked the option to clean the registry.

Good luck with the rest of the troubleshooting...

If I was you, I would reinstall Windows or even better restore a full system image made with SSR or other third-party sw.

Best regards,

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