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Make USA Netflix available in Canada using Norton WiFi privacy vpn and available on multi OS and multi devices

According to this article USA Netflix will not be available in Canada with your VPN service  (see CNet link in text file attached) while all those VPN services offer that capability (see PC Mag link in text file attached) , if you want to be competitive you have to include access to a lot of channels like Netflix. For home users installation of VPN on the router is a must instead on installing on each device. . Please advice once available until then I will pay for an other VPN Service Provider since you don't have a router version and also the cell mobile version don't seams to support USA Netflix in Canada.

What is Norton plan and timeline to :

- make USA Netflix available in Canada using Norton WiFi privacy vpn on mobile (iOS and Android) ? Do you have a temporary solution until fix is provided ?

- offer a router version Norton WiFi privacy vpn (like Lynksis or other routers) ?

- offer a Windows version of Norton WiFi privacy vpn ?

- offer a multi OS (Windows/iOS/MacOS/Android) / multi devices (PC/MAC/Mobile/Router/etc ...) Norton WiFi privacy vpn ?

- Ability to install on multiple devices like Norton Security.

- Possibility to include it Norton WiFi Privacy VPN as a module of Norton Security  so you extend your security (one stop shop instead of 2 apps for complete security coverage on all our devices)

Note: Issue with link in body of a post was raised to Norton Support ... so no link in body for now ... bypass attached text file with links !!!