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Do speed slow with WiFi Privacy/VPN?

I am looking at the Norton WiFi Privacy/VPN option to increase security.  Does using this product mean that you get slower speeds?  Is there a VPN node in Australia?



[Edit: Thread originally posted in German Forum "Andere Norton Produkte"  and moved by Admin for better chance of response. Also marked "need a solution/response"] 2017-03-27BS



Re: Do speed slow with WiFi Privacy/VPN?

A couple of users have reported speed reductions using the VPN. I have not seen this, but I am only on a 15Mbps download connection. I'll see if I can get any information on speed limitations.

Yes there is an Australian presence in the NWP product.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Do speed slow with WiFi Privacy/VPN?

On my desktop, it depends on which server gets auto chosen, as per common sense, the closer the server the faster your speeds will be. Overall, once you turn on NWP, and first load your browser, this can lag a little as it establishes, but once loaded, I can tell no real difference between page loading times, it is fairly quick.

On mobile, basically the same as above can be said. This of course also depends on the speed of your ISP as well when not on 4G.

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