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This forum thread needs a solution.

Memory leaks with SafeWeb and Firefox


I think there is a memory leaks with Norton SafeWeb and Firefox.

When I open 3 tabs

With SafeWeb enabled = It use 1.5-1.6gb of ram

With SafeWeb disabled = 650mb

Firefox 58.0.2 x64


I tested in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, same issue.

I tested in a virtualmachine with no other software installed than Firefox, chrome and Norton, same issue.

I don't have this problem with Chrome.

Am I the only one ?

This can be a problem with people who have 4gb of ram.




Re: Memory leaks with SafeWeb and Firefox

Hello @Heisenberg653,

Please can you post in the correct part of the Forum if you want to converse in English? 

Many thanks,

Gwen, admin

Gwen Leost Kane * Forum Community Assistant * Symantec Corporation

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