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  • I contacted support and they got Norton running again. I ended up with reinstall. Thanks for the help :)
  • 13-Sep-2018 | 7:30PM Created a new Forum Thread: Norton message about a patch restart, then says Norton offline.
    How do I fix this, or do I uninstall/reinstall my Norton?  It worked fine yesterday, until I ran an update. Now I get the message patch installed please restart computer. I did that but still will...
  • 04-Nov-2017 | 6:56PM Commented on Live Updates
    Followed your advice, and so far it looks like everything is back up and running correctly. Thanks
  • 04-Nov-2017 | 6:53PM Commented on ID safe back up
    It looks like using the uninstall/reinstall worked.  Thank you.
  • 04-Nov-2017 | 11:10AM Created a new Forum Thread: ID safe back up
    I asked earlier about a problem I was having with Live Update.  It was recommended that I may have a corrupted Norton program and I should uninstall/reinstall at website.  I was told I should back...
  • 03-Nov-2017 | 2:39PM Commented on Live Updates
    Yes, I have shut everything down and booted back up after a 5 minute wait and nothing has changed.  It has been recurring over the last 3 or so months, but now is at the point of not finishing at ...
  • 03-Nov-2017 | 5:38AM Created a new Forum Thread: Live Updates
    Lately I have been having problems with the Live Update completing.  At first after several attempts it would finish, but now it will not update at all. Computer savy I am not.  What could be the ...