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  • 31-Oct-2018 | 2:54PM Commented on Devices does not appear under My Devices
    Hi Frieda. I too am getting alerts for "You have not completed your Norton product registration".  Like you, I also have the Full Scan "Scan Error" problem. I have reported this Product Registrati...
  • I have have seen a couple of other things which might be related to this Mac 8.1 Full Scan "Scan Error" error problem.  a. When I log into my Norton a/c,  I can see my two devices using Norton Se...
  • Same problem as Frieda.  I already had Norton Security on my Mac but updated to version 8.1.  I am also on Mac OS version 10.13.6. When on Norton version 7.9.? , I could do a Full Scan successful...