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  • 27-Jul-2018 | 8:07PM Commented on App lock
    That's not secure ...anyone can see the contents... even take a picture of it.... if you have passwords stored there they will be visible..it shows just about the whole page
  • 27-Jul-2018 | 3:33PM Created a new Forum Thread: App lock
    When I go to an app that's locked with app lock,click on the app it asks for passcode. If I don't put passcode in but just minimize the app then go to close all apps, the app that's locked shows...
  • 28-Mar-2018 | 11:39AM Created a new Forum Thread: App lock
    I reinstalled app lock and now everytime I close an app I have to reswips the passcode. Before it would say app will be open till phone goes to sleep. How do I get it back to doing that? Pain to...
  • 08-Mar-2017 | 8:50AM Commented on App lock
    I have to use pattern once then it won't ask for pattern again til phone goes to sleep
  • 07-Mar-2017 | 1:05PM Created a new Forum Thread: App lock
    When I open an app I have locked with norton app lock i get a message that says app will be locked till device sleeps, yet the app opens without using the pattern I have set.