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13-Oct-2010 | 12:34PM • 8 years 6 months
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15-Apr-2019 | 7:07PM
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Earth - but that too is temporary.
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Trained professional Internaut, World's first Officially recognized Computer Whisperer and Outernaught, and am only person not being stalked on the Internet. I'm definitely not a Googie, demand my privacy above all else, and usually in a lot of hot water for answering truthfully.

Go ahead and lie to me, but don't insult my intelligence by thinking I'll believe you.

You have no need to know my sex, but if you must know, I'm straight, proud of it and don't need to use rainbows, propaganda, or lies to accept myself for what I am. I am against the word "gay" because it meant '"carefree", "happy", or "bright and showy"... not two same-sex people romping in the sack - that has a name - stick to it.

I don't like spending $100 + a year to keep malware out - especially if the company selling the anti-whatever is bilking the public - and so far, they all are!

People don't like me much because I have my opinions and when asked, will share them.<br>
Now, do you have enough to dislike me as well? Good. I'm here looking for answers, not friends.

In case you didn't notice what I was doing when you poked your nose in here, I was minding MY own business.