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Kiss your bare legs and hands goodbye because the 2008 fall season is all about going monochrome from head to toe. There is nary a designer on Myntra that hasn’t found their own interpretation of this trend.

Bottega Veneta is not the only house pushing this rusty rose color this season, and fortunately this can easily reach to you at discounted price, thanks to myntra coupons. If you’ll note everything the model is wearing shares this same rusty rose hue. The shoes, the belt, the gloves and obviously the dress.  In this color it is just overkill to me. I couldn’t even stand one piece of clothing in this color.

What a lovely Mediterranean blue. Is that a kimono bishop sleeve? Crazy. Again in the house of Allegra Hicks we see the monochromatic trend in full effect with this Mediterranean  blue being used on the dress, belt, and tights alike. The look is made for the mature woman.

Even Jean Paul Gaultier is following the monochromatic trend, Myntra has many examples of that. When I first saw this photo I knew right away it was Jean Paul Gaultier because of the quilting along the collar / arms eye pieces. While the matching black bag distracts from the monochromatic trend the rest of this look is cast in same stormy grey color.

Anna Sui can make any trend look super cute! Instead of using solid colors like other design houses Anna Sui chose to repeat the design found on the dress on to the tights. These are the first set of tights I have seen from this monochromatic trend that I would actually hunt down and buy at Myntra. This whole look is cute and I’m so glad Anna Sui didn’t take this monochromatic trend as literally as some other designers.

Abstract beauty take the monochromatic trend to a different level at Paul Smith Women’s. This double breasted coat is covered in so many random brush strokes just like the tights that are worn beneath it thusly the monochromatic trend is carried on.

What’s going on at Central St Martins? This may be the most fashionable cocoon I have ever seen.
No matter how odd the look may seem to some of us it still demonstrates the monochromatic trend to the fullest by echoing the curving lines on the cocoon on to the tights the model is wearing.

The focus of this article was supposed to be the monochrome trend, available at myntra ecommerce store but when all is said and done that’s not what I will remember most. I will be thinking about all of the tights pictured above until the fall season actually hits. Without the tights these looks would be lost in the sea of bare legs and hands distracting from the aesthetic the designer is trying to create. So far the monochromatic trend is in first place for my favorite trend of the 2008 fall season.