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Tony_Weiss Admin
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07-Apr-2008 | 12:39PM • 9 years 1 month
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23-May-2017 | 6:51PM
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Symantec Start Date: December 8, 2003 (though it really was in June 2003 as a contractor)

Languages: English

Education: BA - Radio,TV, Film from California State University, Fullerton

Interests: pottery, board games, They Might Be Giants, The Simpsons

Everything you ever wanted to know about Tony Weiss but were afraid to ask

Hey. My name is Tony Weiss. I've been working at Symantec since 2003. I was hired as a Beta Test Coordinator, and have taken on the additional role of Forum Community Manager since 2008. I've been working on the forums ever since, helping customers as much as I can.

When I started with Symantec, I worked from the Santa Monica, CA office. At that time, my wife was going to "zoo school" - Moorpark College in Ventura County, CA. When she graduated, we moved to Chicago so she could work at the Lincoln Park Zoo. I worked from home for Symantec for a bit, then began working for a manufacturer of disposable dishes out in the Chicago area. I hated it (they made me wear a suit!) and wanted to come back to Symantec. After 3 months, I got the opportunity to get my job back.

Not long after I was back at Symantec, my wife got a job offer at the Cincinnati Zoo. We moved to Cincinnati, and we've been here ever since. She trains the cheetahs in the zoo's Cheetah Encounter show, where the cheetahs run around a field chasing a dog toy. It's bonkers.

In my free time, I make pottery and teach pottery classes. I mostly make functional stoneware pots, and mostly fire to cone 10 in a reduction kiln (for all you clay nerds out there). But I also enjoy using underglazes and making brightly colored pots.

Other Facts:

  • I enjoy making pottery with movie lines on them
  • I use almost every mug I sell
  • Built a bar in the shape of Ignignokt from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, then left it in Chicago
  • Participated in a Tough Mudder, where I successfully got electrocuted 7 times (and blew out my knee, and bruised a rib, and lost a shoe)
  • Once scaled a wall of a bowling alley on a bet

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