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Yo Joe!

It’s G.I. Joe week here at Norton, and to celebrate the upcoming movie [www.norton.com/gijoe], we want to give you stuff! Okay, maybe we’re going to make you work for it. Just a little, though.

Here’s the deal: follow us on Twitter (@nortononline) this week. The first 50 new people to follow us after this message is posted will receive (2) free Fandango movie passes. Just for showing up. Really, it’s that easy.

Throughout the week, pay attention! We’re going to be asking you some trivia questions about G.I. Joe and if you’re the first one to answer the question correctly, you might get one of the following cool prizes: Custom G.I. Joe Limited Edition skateboard (we have 5 of those), New G.I. Joe Game for Xbox (we have 2 of those), or a Hasbro G.I. Joe action-figure set (we have 2 of those). You have to be a follower to win, so be sure to follow us before you answer the question! ;)

If you answered a trivia question, but didn’t win? Don’t worry. Just for trying, you’re still eligible to win a Grand Prize pack! On Tuesday Aug. 11, we’ll be taking all those people who followed us and answered one of the trivia questions over the last week, whether your answer was right or not, and randomly drawing two Grand Prize winners! What’s in a Grand Prize? Glad you asked. The G.I. Joe Prize Packs come packaged in a specialty-themed box, and include a Custom G.I. Joe Limited Edition Skateboard, a G.I. Joe Action Figures gift sets by Hasbro (includes: 1 Delta 6 Accelerator Duke,  1 Night Raven Vehicle w/ figure, and 5 Action Figures), one XBOX G.I. Joe Video game, one Norton Strike First G.I. Joe T-Shirt, one G.I. Joe Movie Poster, a copy of Norton Internet Security 2009, and a free 6-month subscription to LifeLock. 

If you’re a winner, we’ll announce it on Twitter so all your friends can see you how cool you are.


The rules
• This contest is for US Twitterers only. Sorry, International friends – but we’re working on a way to include you guys in future promotions!
• First 50 new Twitter followers after announcement on blog, Twitter, and FB will receive (2) Fandango free movie passes.
• Any follower of the Twitter channel is eligible to win any of the regular or grand prizes – must follow the channel and answer trivia question correctly.
• All participants (those who are following the Twitter channel and have answered at least one question) will be entered into a random drawing for two grand prize packs.
• Edelman Digital will randomly select the grand prize winners by selecting a random integer (http://www.random.org/integers/) between 1-xx where xx is the total number of people who have answered trivia questions. Each entrant will be assigned a sequential entry number based on the time of their entry.

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