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Cyber Espionage Tool Regin Discovered By Symantec

Symantec, the parent company of Norton, has uncovered a highly-complex cyber-espionage malware program known as Regin. This malware has been developed for use in spying campaigns against international targets, such as government organizations, businesses, academic organizations, service providers and even private individuals. Because of its high degree of sophistication, Regin exhibits the characteristics of a state-sponsored operation, but, at this time, Symantec does not have enough evidence to connect it to any particular organization.

What Does Regin Do?

Classified as a backdoor Trojan, Regin provides the attacker access to, and control of a targeted computer. But unlike most malware that is designed for one intended purpose, such as stealing specific types of data, Regin is used for long-term, broad collection of information, as well as continued monitoring of targeted organizations.

Can Regin Affect Me?

At this time, Symantec has only observed around 100 cases of infection in 10 countries and most consumers are unlikely to be affected.  While individual users could be targeted by Regin, these individuals are typically working in specialized areas of interest to the Regin operators.

We do not believe that Regin targets the average Norton customer, however, it is important to also note that Symantec has provided protection against Regin to its customers, including Norton branded security products, since December 2013.  Regin components are detected as Backdoor.Regin.

Stay protected from this threat:

We always recommend that consumers take steps to protect themselves, even if they are not the direct target of a specific attack. Best practices include;

  1. NEVER open attachments or links from unknown senders via email, instant messages or social media.
  2. Be sure that all of your computer’s software is up to date. This includes not only your computer’s operating system but common applications such as document readers and productivity software.
  3. Have a trusted brand of security software installed and keep it updated as well. While there are many good brands of software available, we happen to recommend Norton Security.



not 100 percent sure but im pretty sure I have been dealing with this hack aka fake trojan attack since july had fun manuely remove and fight such attack. After hours n days of reading suspected files and programs links / clues left behind by failed clean operation ran by said hackers / fake trojan / bot programs. At one point I was able to get close enough to source of people/ organizations involved that I was contacted by said people in attempt to recruit me.. Im not willing to post details due to fact i was threatened / told i would be watched.. I been searching for a forum in which to bring this issue to people attension.. Please understand its not just the threats causing me to take caution but my health has been a issue due to stress of situation to extend i had a lung collapse no kidding... If you would like more info please email me i can even do his over the phone which might be more secure... Sad to say the situation is much bigger than most are willing to except or even admit... Many are responible for the current situation at had.. Even spent about 3hours on phone with microsoft trying to explain said hack / fake trojan attack... After being pass up thru the microsoft food chain explaining it over n over again.. I soon ran into a dead end when pass onto someone who hardly spoke english and whos answer for everything was fresh install LoL even tho i tool to cWhich in no way will solve the issue.. Seems to be Microsofts goto answer for most everything due clean install lol. At this point I am being left alone by said hackers.. In conclusion i have been left with little faith in anti virus programs / microsoft since 1 not a virus or trojan 2 Microsoft being part responible for said issue / google / open source / linux based programs / domestic and groups operating outside of the U.S.. I know i have already said to much and pray they dont monitor your site but we are talking about the internet ehh..