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This forum thread needs a solution.

Seems to be doing a full def download every day

I've just put Norton 360 on my W7 pc loaded from CD. Tuesday once loaded it then proceeded to download what I assumes were updates 400mb worth, reasonable. Wednesday after using the m/c for a few hours it then proceed to again download about 400MB again. I know it was Norton doing this because I found a network monitor showing N360 was the download application.

Thursday after about 1 hour of use it starts again this time it downloaded about 100MB before I dropped the connection.

Friday it's downloaded again more then 400MB. I've now turned off liveupdate and I'll manually download the update once a week.

Why is it downloading the complete update file instead of the incremental update??
I only have a mobile connection and so when this starts my internet connection is unusable until it has finished, is this typical of Norton download requirements.
I only use a 15GB 365 day plan and if this keeps up I will have to remove it before it uses up all my data allowance.
Also I cannot now find the window I used to monitor the download (I think it was a Norton 360 window) can anyone point me in the right direction.



Re: Seems to be doing a full def download every day

Hi, kiwipaul.

It is possible that the product version on your CD isn't the latest one.  I suggest you remove and reinstall Norton by going here and download and run the remove and reinstall tool:


And, yes, the reinstall will drain another 400mb's worth of data, unfortunately. But, hopefully, this will be the last time. If the reinstall doesn't resolve your issue and you wish to remove Norton for good, then go here and download and run the removal tool. Good luck.


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Re: Seems to be doing a full def download every day


To get the latest version of the Norton Removal Tool, you can just use www.norton.com/nrt

and restart afterwards. If you want to reinstall Norton, you can find a pre-authorized ccopy in your Norton Account.


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