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US Customer Service

How does a LifeLock member get US support for subscription LifeLock identity protection issues.  When I call the toll free number I get sent to a foreign country and NO ONE wants to help fix account linking issues.  Yet, I paid a lot of money for the service.



Re: US Customer Service

Are you located in the USA and your account registered here? That information will help someone to help you since some services are not available outside the USA.

More probable is that you are not calling Norton itself but one of the many "service companies" that say they are authorized if you push them.

Did you find the number on line by Searching for it? If it's just one number can you give it here?

Finally I'm sure someone will help you shortly with better information than I can give.


Re: US Customer Service

What happens when you request US based support?

Support > Contact Lifelock > Solutions Document
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