Norton Family access requests and approvals are randomly slow

My kid's computer is a Windows 10 and I have the parent's app installed on an Android phone.

When my kid request a time extension, sometimes the request and my approval could get through fairly quickly (within 1min). Some other times, however, the request could take >10 minutes, or the request could get through quickly but my approvals took ages to arrive.

The same had happened to other requests and approvals as well (site unblocking, instant lock etc). It had been very inconvenient and annoying.

What are possible causes for that and what can be done?


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Re: Norton Family access requests and approvals are randomly slow

Hi Oneno

Time extension request raised by the child should be received immediately in portal/parent app.

Based on our investigation with the backend data, we are seeing 10 time extension requests raised out of which 9 requests(6 approved & 3 no action taken) were received immediately.
We noticed that there was only one request that was slightly delayed. If you continue to see this issue happening often we shall be happy to assist further with a remote session.

Norton Family Team.

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