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Physical Mailing Address

I have been trying for a couple of weeks to report our credit union was hacked and Norton did not catch it...., nor have you even acknowledged it took place.   I have tried to find numbers and addresses to make contact with Norton.   After a couple of birthdays of time on hold - I finally got to speak to a person who spoke broken english.   She offered no help, no solutions.... even when I received a scam billing.... it was and is still lousy service.   I tried finding a physical address that I can write a formal complaint.... I have not been able to find one.   

If you cannot tell, I am an unhappy customer who has been paying into lifelock for at least the last 15 years.   Please give me an address I can use to make a formal complaint or have someone call me regarding this.... who speaks english and who can tell me something other than "oh so sorry - no worries".   Please send a claim form as we have lost thousands from this hacking.

Charlie Vaughn



Re: Physical Mailing Address


We'll try to call attention to your message.