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Norton AntiTrack won't attach to Chrome

Can't help think so far I have wasted my money buying Anti Track. Norton 360 says its ready to Set Up but when you click and the panel opens up to allow Chrome, Edge and Fire Fox if you click on Chrome a pop up appears advising that Windows can't find Chrome.exe. Can't find any results of cures online. Posted on the Norton FB page and no response and sent an email but no response. Have been a long time user of Norton products even when they produced MS Dos utilities tools (so we are talking back in the 80's) but now rather disappointed. Using Windows 10 latest build. Any one know of a fix. Best I found was checking add as a Chrome extension but I don't even think it is getting that far. BOTHER

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Re: Norton AntiTrack won't attach to Chrome

Same problem posted four motnths ago. No luck

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