Why I don't want Software Updater

I'm running Windows 10 and Norton 360 version I'm glad I noticed the popup saying that I now have Software Updater! Even though I've found out here that it won't update software unless I turn on auto-update, it still spooks me that Norton might make auto-update the default. So I've tried to disable Software Updater as much as I can. Here's why. FYI to Norton and you:

1) If I update a few of my programs too soon after the update is released -- for instance, the SeaMonkey browser -- Norton will block part of the update and the program may become corrupted. (That's apparently because these programs aren't very popular, so Norton doesn't recognize the update as safe until enough Norton users have installed the update. True?) So I purposely wait a few weeks to update.

2) For software that isn't well-supported, I wait a while after an update is released to see if anyone reports problems. If Norton updates for me, I could get the bugs and need to downgrade **if I can**.

3) I purposely keep old versions of some programs because the new version isn't what I need. For instance, I have Audacity version 2 installed on some of my computers that don't support Audacity version 3... so I keep Audacity 2 on all my computers. If Norton updates some computers to 3, my computers won't be compatible with each other. Also, the latest version of GIMP has a bug that affects me. I need to keep an older version until the bug is fixed.

4) Software Updater lets me choose which programs it should *not* check for updates. If I install a new program, I guess I now must remember to tell Norton not to update it? I wish Norton would let me choose which programs it should check, instead of which programs it shouldn't.

Last gripe: The classic Norton 360 interface -- the one with lots of configuration controls -- doesn't seem to list Software Updater at all. Instead I need to open My Norton. I don't use My Norton because it's so limited. For instance, the Norton 360 interface has a list of scheduled tasks; I can disable something completely by un-checking it. Software Updater isn't in that list.

I'm glad for any suggestions -- or, especially, to know if Norton has fixed all of these things and promises :) never to auto-update without asking me.


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Re: Why I don't want Software Updater

You can turn off "auto update" in Software Updater and you can check which programs/apps you want it to exclude.  You can also see the items you excluded previously.   However, you cannot disable SU .  It will continue to run in the background and check your programs, apps, etc. and list them.  I have found that SU has so far suggested old versions and if I had applied them I would be rolling back my latest update, including browsers.   SU database is not current and to be honest I don't know what it is scanning since I have the latest updates on all my apps/programs/browsers/drivers, etc. and it's telling me I need to update.  ??  SU is not a product or tool that I want or need.  There are other proven software updater products out there than what Norton has released.  This was clearly not ready to be released. You might want to invest some time and read the long and growing list of users who want this removed or a way to disable it completely. Some users have acted upon the SU advice (believing Norton wouldn't send out faulty product) and it messed up their computer and now needing repair. 

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