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Poor service over vpn issues

I contacted support chat again over VPN, 2d time in a month where the VPN just out of nowhere disables itself. This issue puts us at risk as the device roams from tower to tower. I contacted support chat under number 69395644 and they dropped me! And when I attempt to get back into chat I can’t get past the begin chat radio button. Poor service - extremely poor service during a weird time when the USA and Russia threaten cyber war - right when Norton is really needed and they just lay down! How about living up to your end of this contract? I’m paying at a premium for a service - now where is the service??



Re: Poor service over vpn issues

What device and OS version are you using?

Are you using the VPN feature in 360  or the standalone Norton Secure VPN app?

You mention a device roaming from tower to tower. Are you using cell data when this happens?

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