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Password import - Ubuntu #2

In March I asked for a solution, but unfortunately nothing was available. That post was subsequently closed unanswered. So here I am again in case there are new ideas or workarounds.

I use Ubuntu, with the latest Chrome, Brave, and Firefox browsers.

On not one of these browsers is the option to import passwords. My options are password generator, sync, feedback, export vault, close vault. Those 5 options only. I have been around all of each page to see if there is another button, with no joy.

Using the help / support option yields nothing. Every result tells me to use the 3 dot scenario. In fact, just typing "Ubuntu" into the help returns zero results.

Every extension was installed from the legitimate source, using the standard installation method.

Not everyone is a fan of the Gates software systems.

Has Norton completely ignored the users on Linux based systems?

I have over 500 passwords to import, and copying 4 separate entry lines for each one is becoming tedious. Other than being free, is there a reason for Ubuntu users to use Norton?

If this seems a duplicate post, then apologies, as I had written the last one out, sent it, only for the system to reject me and  make me sign in again. So I don't know if it made it and is waiting for moderation, or it completely failed.

Thank you.

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Re: Password import - Ubuntu #2

Hello again. The last post in your closed thread wasn't answered: is the latest version for PWM as installed on my systems. Do you have that version installed on a Linux based browser? What is your version of Ubuntu? Do you have all the apt packages also installed on Ubuntu?


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