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how to stop constant nag popups

I have 240 plus days left on subscription. I am looking for an alternative anti virus malware because I am tired of constant nag screens to buy more s**t.

And BTW your VPN locked out my access to the internet on two computers and I had to reinstall. Your VPN sucks



Re: how to stop constant nag popups

Hello James. The persistence of marketing sell-up notifications are an on-going issue across the forums. To be honest, I get LESS junk in my e-mail than I do with sell-up messages these days. Unfortunately. There isn't a way to disable them in any fashion other than to disable "special offer notifications" in your Norton settings. A marketing driven business model in the "thing" with most major companies in todays world. Its not just Norton. We can't even open a news feed, mobile or otherwise, without the instant loading of ads right from the get go. Its disgusting among other things to say the least. Don't expect the sell-up notifications to stop with your Norton product anytime soon, if ever. We plainly just have to live with it as things currently stand.


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Re: how to stop constant nag popups

I think the disconnect is Norton's traditional role in people's device protection, and how it was executed, vs what we are seeing now.

I've been a Norton customer for 20ish years. My parents, like the OP are/were closer to 40 years as customers. Norton is upsetting their traditional business model by pissing off their existing customer base with the aggravating and intrusive pop-ups. For the first time in my adult life, I've opted to cancel my Norton subscription and look for alternatives.

Lets look at that statement for the moment:

For the first time in my adult life I've cancelled a Norton subscription. For reference, I'm 37, this is not an insignificant span of time. That span of time reflects a lifetime of brand loyalty, which was partially inherited from my parents. Norton in its current form is interrupting a generational subscription based business model.

Whatever they are gaining by the stupid pop-up campaign on par with the pop-ups from the malware we are paying for protection from, it isn't enough. They are destroying the brand's name, and brand loyalty built over decades since the literal dawn of the internet age.

The excuse "everyone does it" isn't enough from Norton as their long-term loyal customer base expects better. 

From a consumer prospective, if you're being treated badly, you never, ever have to just live with it. There are a variety of other options. I expect I'll find mine before December when mine runs out.

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