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I just want to cancel my subscription which expires on August 17. I got mails after mails for updating my account as I had a new bank card. I didn't provide data as I wanted anyway to cancel my subscription. To my amazement one month before, on July 16 I was charged for a new subscription though they didn't have my new card. I was refund by the bank but cancellation is still impossible on my account and there is no way to talk to a human, only standard messages. So I request NORTON 2 things (1) to cancel my subscription and (2) to tell me how did they get my new card data.

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Re: Cancel subscription

To contact Norton Support,  You can choose phone or chat support from there. 

As to Norton getting your new card information....Banks and credit card companies have had for a long time now, a process where the new card information gets forwarded to companies you have dealt with, so that any recurring payments would not get interrupted. In most cases, this is a good feature if you forgot to update one of your accounts, your service will not be interrupted. The best practice for the card holder is to remove all billing information from any account they no longer want to have any dealings with.

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