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Screen Protection Account

Dear Team,

I have a situation where I signed up for the Free Loyality Screen Protection on my Apple Phone, And Norton also is billing me for a second account that is $4.25/ Per Month. When I use the Nortan IPone App, the app. actually shows two (2) devices protected. 

I have tried for the past 2 months with Customer Service to correct This, but have not been successful.

I would appreciate any advise or idea that you can think of.

Problem #2/ Every time I log in to Norton, with my Email address and Password, it says the information is Incorrect. I have changed the passwork many times now. If I log in with my Google Account, I get in on the first try. What the heck is going on????

Andy Lehneis/ Frustrated.



Re: Screen Protection Account

The free screen protection feature is only active after having an active 360 subscription for one year and you have allowed automatic renewal of that subscription. If you have not met those points, when you signed up for the service, you were signing up for a paid service at a monthly fee.  You will need to contact Norton Support to have them sort this out for you.   If using the chat option, when you get to input information type Agent Please to bypass the chat bot and get to a real human.

#2.   How are you trying to sign into Norton? From a browser, or from within an app? What device and OS version are you using when you see this issue?  Again, while in contact with Support, you can bring this issue up as well.

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