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Norton Safe Search

We use Norton 360 on ios 16.0.3 iphones 12 Pro & ipad pro and on a mac M1 Ventura 13.0. When we try to search almost any topic/web site while away from home we get a garbage screen full of unreadable text. Many Facebook links won't work. A mac new tab search just opens a second tab with a list of "hits?" and I have to scroll down maybe ten hits before I find the one I said I wanted. When I click on that I now have three tabs open that I have to close when done. Sometimes Norton Safe Search won't even find what I'm looking for and I have to delete the top URL line and type in Then I can do a normal search. I don't know if Norton is keeping me safe without telling me what it's doing or is it just a pathetic search tool?



Re: Norton Safe Search

There is no Safe Search for the iOS devices. There is a Safe Web, but that just helps protect you from malicious web sites.

For your Mac searches, I am going to ask this thread be moved to the Mac forum board for better exposure to Mac users.

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