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VPN won't run on 2 Mac's at the same time

I have had this problem ever since I purchased a second Mac in August 2022. VPN doesn't not run on both Mac's at the same time. Norton's Levels 1 and 2 support have tried to fix this issue by uninstalling and reinstalling Norton 360 for Mac's on both Mac's. Within 10 minutes, the VPN on one Mac stops and comes up with the error message Connection error, please try again later. Can somebody please advise as what needs to do to fix this problem as Norton are unable to do so after 3 months. One Mac is running macOS Big Sur 10.7.1 and the other Ventura 13.0. I have 4 devices using Norton 360, 2 mobile phones that have the VPN switched off as logging into the VPN app says the VPN is off as  my router has its own secure VPN, so VPN is only used on these devices when away from my home. 

Whilst away from home and using the Mac which the VPN has the issue, and using a different wifi system, VPN will still not work? So it can't be having 2 Mac's running on the same router with the same ip address or is it? I have removed the VPN configuration on system preference, and when asked to allow to modify settings in the VPN config, the complete button when clicked goes grey and nothing happens.

Can somebody please help me with this problem, as Norton Level 1 keep telling me they have escalated it to Level 2 and they are suppose to call me, but they never do?



Re: VPN won't run on 2 Mac's at the same time

I am still struggling with this problem, so I have cancelled my renewal subscription. As this not being addressed by Norton, four months on after initially contacting Norton Support, I am going to cancel my subscription.

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