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Norton has constant popups

I'm getting this message "Threats resolved" every 30 to 60 minutes, this has been happening over the past few days.
In "Security History" under "Scan Results" it says the last one was over 12 hours ago and zero threats were found, under "Resolved Security Risks" the last activity was over a month ago in October.

For the past year I have been getting consistent popups by this software advertising different products / features and every time I click "never show again" every few weeks it's advertising a new feature or product effectively turning Norton into an evasive adware platform.
And now it's showing a completely useless message every 30 - 60 minutes turning Norton into an evasive malware platform.

I've used Norton for over 10 years now, unless Norton ceases turning it's Antivirus into Malware or adds an option that prevents the application from "EVER" sending / popping up messages again, I'll be jump to a different Antivirus software.
Having the software tell me it has resolved an issue is completely unnecessary, I don't need it to constantly tell me it's providing me with its service every half hour that I've already paid for.


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Re: Norton has constant popups

in administrative setting about half way down is special offer notifications turn that off

stops the pop ups

not sure about the threat alerts

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