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Norton wants an updated credit card

Why is Norton requesting I update my credit card NOW (I know it expires this month) when my subscription does NOT expire until 7/26/2023?  I am sure Norton wants my credit card so they can bill me if I decide to purchase more products, but I will provide it WHEN AND IF I decide to buy more products.  I will update it when we get closer to the expiration date of my SUBSCRIPTION and not before since I do not want to "accidentally" have Norton charging me for things I did not want.  I need to find a way to have Norton stop notifying me that I need to update this credit card until a month or so before the renewal is due.  I do not want to be bugged every day for this info when they do not need it yet.

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Re: Norton wants an updated credit card

Be aware.  Norton may receive updated info from card issuer...anyway.  

Yes, merchants can get new card info on recurring charges.
Credit Card companies e.g., American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover - offer “updater” services to provide merchants with consumers’ new credit card numbers and expiration dates.

Google: credit card updater services

Once you are subscribed, the billing method that you stored in your account will be charged to renew your subscription at the then-applicable renewal subscription price (monthly or annual), until you cancel. We will send you an email (between 50 to 65 days prior to your renewal) with the price, term, and related details before we charge you so that you know it is coming. 

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Re: Norton wants an updated credit card

"I do not want to "accidentally" have Norton charging me for things I did not want. "

Shut off auto renew and remove your credit card info and all will be good. 


Re: Norton wants an updated credit card

i believe that they ( norton ) require a active credit card to use there service and believe i have read words to the effect of removing such or not providing it will terminate the service

someone correct me if im wrong there

i do know a few months ago when i had my renewal they tired to claim they were unable to process the renewal ( i.e. do the renewal payment on my card) support claimed to "check my bank"

card was fine and never got a single charge or any activity from norton


Re: Norton wants an updated credit card

Removing credit card information will not terminate the subscription. It will effectively disable the automatic renewal.

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