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VPN on Android/ios connectivity questions

I would like to know if there is a way to know when a user disables/turn off their VPN on a mobile device. I enabled all notifications apart from the go-location but when I test turning the VPN on/off no notifications are triggered. Reason I would like this is to ensure my son always uses the VPN so I could enforce the house rules, warnings to websites as a means to help him make the right choice opposed to just blocking everything. If there is no means to see a notification, is it possible to remove the ability flto turn the VPN off? This solution would be helpful for Android/ios users.



Re: VPN on Android/ios connectivity questions

Are you asking this about the Norton Family protection on the family's devices? If so, you should post in the Norton Family forum section of the forum here...

If just asking about the VPN, there are no notifications of the VPN being turned on or off, because it is assumed that the user of the device knows when they turn it on or off.

On thing you might try if this is an Android device is to install Norton App Lock.   Then you can set up the VPN the way you wish and then in App Lock you can lock Norton 360 so a passcode will be needed to access any 360 settings, including the VPN. Be sure you also lock the System Settings app so they cannot uninstall the 360 app.

There is no similar app from Norton for iOS devices.

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